Challenge: To the Edge and Back

Yet another great challenge idea that I wanted to share with you from Charmer’s mind – I’m not sure how she comes up with these, but they are both fun and intense.  We seem to learn something every time too – and I can see the gears turning in her mind on how to make them more difficult (eh, impossible) next time.  [SSC:  No one wants to be in my mind…and of course it will be more challenging next time.]

Charmer called me over and said I needed to uncage.  I did, and when I returned, she had her game face on.

OK, so here are the rules.  You have 20 minutes.  You have to let me know how many edges you can take in that 20 minutes.  If you make it, you get to come.  If you make it plus 10%, you’ll get to come now and in the next 7 days at a time of my choosing.  If you don’t make the correct count, you get at least an additional 7 days wait.

Now, it’s been something like 3+ weeks … so I was definitely up for a challenge.

My first response?


She chuckled. [SSC:  Chuckled?  That was an all-out snorting laugh.]  “OK, sure.  But understand that I didn’t say HOW you’d get to come, and in that case, it’d be a ruined… or 6 and I’d be forcing them.  Want to re-pick?

Damn.  Thought I could break the system right out of the gate.  [SSC:  Like I don’t know the games you would try to pull?]

I asked, no begged for guidance and her expectations.  She was having none of it.  She kept reminding me that whatever number I picked, she’d decide how it was provided and what the type of outcome was.  Not enough, punishment.  Too much and, well, failure.

So, I landed on 17.  I know things start getting really touch and go up over 10.  But I wanted to (sounds corny, but…) impress her too and push the limits.  I figured too that 10% up would take it to 20.  I wanted to show I could do it.

I knew pretty much from the start that I was in trouble because I was in “hair-trigger” mode – omigod, it was nearly impossible to control.  I’m usually pretty decent for awhile and don’t succumb, but rather work with the edging.  When I get to “succumb-mode” – it’s all on her to notice the signs and not go too far (or push me over the edge if she’s trying to toy with me).  [SSC:  Silly boy.  It’s on you to control, not on me…]

I was pulling out all the stops in working to control it – working to not burst out over the top (heh, pun intended) and lose it.  We were so close a few times that I thought for sure it was all over, but somehow it didn’t happen.  I may have said some choice words.  Many times.

She started off counting, teasing me really (“that was (only) 3…“) and then the counting stopped.  So all I knew is she would just keep going.  In my head we were approaching this melting pot of edges.

Oh, and from time to time she’d toss in a very strong bite somewhere accessible.  I ended up with many new marks in all sorts of fun places.  [SSC:  Since he owes an extra pic this week for missing the post last week, I think he should post one of the marks.  What do you think?]  She knows me well, knows that the pain/pleasure combo is nearly enough to push things over the edge alone.

As we apparently reached the magic number of 21 (20 plus the magic “over the top”) she ran me right up to the edge and further… she kept going, I was begging her to stop (I had no idea what the count was and assumed she was going to make the challenge break on the very last edge required… 🙂 )  [SSC:  That would have been evil…fun, but evil.]

Just as I was reaching the point of no return, trying my damndest to stop things, she put me in her mouth – it was all over, there’s no turning back at that point.  It was amazing, unexpected and … well, you know.  I vaguely remember the timer going off just as she was slowing down.

So the net-net – I made it to 20 – she gave me the bonus 21 and all that that entails.  I think I took a good while to recover before my brain was no longer scrambled eggs.  [SSC:  Scrambled?  More like soft boiled.]

When we talked about it afterward, I got the sense that the ante is increasing.  She’s actively seeking the breaking point and failure.  I suspect no count less than this is allowed in the future, but I think more than this will end up being a 20 minute long, continuous edge.  [SSC:  You don’t want to slide back from a PR, do you?]

You can just mop me up at that point.  I’ll be the one sitting in the corner, in the bucket, rocking slowly back and forth.

Thank you Charmer for yet another amazing challenge.

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  1. Well of all the hotness! And yes I vote for a picture of the marks (neither of you doubted my vote, right?!)! Blackjack!!

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