Game Evolution with Charmer

It’s funny if you look at the many games Charmer has dreamed up. Funny in an odd way.

Each is a bit more evolved, of course, and the evolution usually comes at the expense of my finding a way around the rules.

close up shot of a smartphone with challenge

Take, for example, the current card game. I thought it was really funny how specifically addressed she knows, absolutely, that I’d optimize on.

For example, I’d say “hey, it’s a weekend, we have some time! Backrub, dinner, perhaps a blog post… SWEET!” Methinks to myself “I got this. 3 cards. BOOOYAH!”


“He can only earn one per day max”


OK, I’ll post a silly picture to Twitter. Bam! Done.


“Posting an approved picture of himself on Twitter”


I don’t really look to cheat. Honest. I love the games as much as she does, but I was realizing – we started with scrabble tiles. Do this, do that, earn a tile. And in the beginning, I think I even had a “phone a friend” option to ask Twitter to assist with the words to pull out of the tiles. This, because, ya know, I suck at scrabble.

That went on for a couple of times, but then was killed off. Essentially, figure it out yourself, Snake… or don’t. Because then she added time limits to sit and stare at the tiles. Then things that would more limit the tiles I could have or earn. I mean, really, it’s fun to see the games evolve and fun to do them, just odd looking back to see them.

At times I come up with ideas for new things, we both love playing with chance. It’s funny, random, variable and you can tweak it to make it more or less, well, extreme. It’s also fun to set up huge goals and go after them (remember the 100 edges in a day thing? Administered by her? Yeah, I remember it too)

So, I’ll be off, trying to figure out a way to get more cards. I’ll admit, I didn’t see the thing about a card a day until I sat down to write this. So, yeah. She did it again, even as the genesis of this post.

Charmer knows her stuff, and she knows me, all too well. 🙂

Be sure to follow along on Twitter, my confidence in winning this one, well, very slim.

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