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Happy End or Angry End?

“Do you want the happy end or the angry end,” she asked.

I had to stop and think. I mean, we’re sitting watching TV, what in the world is she up to now? Not only that, but when questions like this come up, it’s usually not what I expect or can guess.

…and sometimes, the consequences of just picking are too much.

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Sunrise, Sunset Bootcamp (2)

I really love these life out-takes. I learn, every single time, something more about how you’re thinking, and that whole “anticipatory service thing” we’ve read and talked about. I mean, it’s impossible, really, to know what you want and like until I’ve seen it. Tasted it. Done it.

But that’s also half the fun. Just when I think I’ve gone just far enough, that I don’t want to presume or whatever other excuse is on my mind, you up the ante or change the rules or just flat out stop something that has been a thing before, but now, simply won’t do.

Part 1

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