R is for Rope

As we walked along the rocky shoreline, the sun was dipping behind the clouds. A storm had blown through earlier and it looked like a spectacular sunset was imminent.

Photo by Matthew DeVries on Pexels.com

The rocks were getting larger and I was struggling to keep my footing. You were a little ahead of me so you could help me if necessary.

You stopped at the top of a particularly rocky spot and turned to give me a hand. As I stood on top of the rocks and looked out at the water, a piece of debris caught my eye.

“There’s some rope,” I pointed.

You turned and looked. “It must have fallen off a boat and washed up with the tide.”

“Or maybe it was discarded when a person got out of their bondage.”

You raised your eyebrows at me. “That’s highly unlikely.”

“You never know. Maybe there was a kink party on a yacht.”

“Ok, maybe. But that is some pretty heavy-duty rope for bondage. It would be hard to tie it securely.”

“Maybe that’s why it came off and washed up on the shore. Or maybe it was thrown overboard after the session. I mean, it might have led to crazy sex. You know what happens with our clothes after some serious playtime.”

I watched you blush. “I still think it’s very unlikely. But, yes, it could have happened that way.”

“It’s going to be dark soon so we should get off the rocks. And maybe get your rocks off? You know, after we stop by that boat shop and grab some rope. For science. I need to see if I can actually use it to tie you up.” Now the reaction was less blushing and more interest.

You adjusted your pants as you gave me your hand. “Science is very important.”

2 thoughts on “R is for Rope”

  1. That’s a conversation my husband an I could have had while walking the beach which we have done hundreds a times when we lived nearby. Great story, I enjoyed it thoroughly 😀

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