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Sometimes, Surrender Is What It’s All About

Long week. Really long week. The ups and downs are real, and it just seems like they pile on sometimes – this was one of those weeks. I can feel the pull of it all, even though the day is finally getting close to being done, and the weekend is here. Time to reset.

She can see it in my eyes, even in the way I hold myself. It’s a battle to not just snap at little things but to stay in control. That’s what’s needed, I have to stay in control.

“Here’s to the week being done and over…” we toast with our favorite wine – and settle into our dinner and talk about the day.

Out of the blue, she stands up – “Please take care of the dishes and such for me. I have some things to do. ” It’s a little odd. Just the phrasing. The look in her eye, it’s a strange gleam.

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