Dandelions and Wishes

It had been a long and rainy winter and they were ready to get outside. There were wildflowers everywhere from all of the rain and it was a perfect day.

summer girl dandelion wish
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There was a dirt road at the end of their street that wandered into the nearby forest. At one point there was a house at the end but it was long gone.

The neighborhood kids played there in the summer, but it was usually deserted this time of year. They walked through the barricades and the world just suddenly seemed slower and more peaceful.

He sneezed as they walked farther. “They are pretty, but I wish they didn’t make me sneeze.”

She laughed and reached over for a dandelion that was next to the road. “Make a wish?” she asked as she held the delicate weed, trying not to dislodge any of the seeds.

“Can I wish for no more allergies?”

She rolled her eyes. “How about something more fun? Or should we just head back?”

“Hmm… You’re right. There’s no reason to waste a wish on something so mundane. Let me think.”

“Better hurry up before the wind makes the decision for you,” she laughed.

He leaned over and whispered into her ear. She pulled back and felt her face flushing. “I’m not sure that’s an appropriate wish to ask Mother Nature.”

“You didn’t specify THAT. I thought I was just wishing for what I wanted.”

“You also aren’t supposed to tell the wish or it won’t come true.”

“Who made up all of these rules on wishing? I’m putting out into the universe what I want. That has to be a good thing, right?”

She shook her head. “You must have been a royal pain in the ass as a child.”

“Besides,” he smirked at her, “how will you know what I want from you if I don’t communicate clearly?”

She closed her eyes and blew the seeds into the wind. “There–now my wish is out in the universe too.”

“Hey! No fair! I told you mine.”

She turned toward home. “I’d rather show you mine. If I beat you home, you have to put on that sexy underwear I bought you and give me a massage. And then satisfy me in every way possible.” She took off running.

“Hey! No fair! You are the marathoner in the family.” He started after her, knowing she’d get her wish would get fulfilled. Of course, so would his in the process…

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