Father’s Day

First, happy Father’s Day to all of you out there getting it done, helping out with families, taking care of the more important things in life – your partners, your families.

Second, just a heads-up, this won’t be about sexy times… just about life and influences and some reflection. I think it’s really fascinating to see the influences and how they play out (including in our own FLR) over time. For pure sexiness, check out Charmer’s Sinful Sunday. 🙂

I’ve been lucky enough to have two really strong Father figures – mine, and my FIL. I realize not a lot of people can say that, and I’ve been repeatedly thankful for the great relationship I’d had the chance to have with my in-laws. Truly, they were second parents, mentors and best friends.

My FIL was a strong, social, always do the right thing first, and always, always support your other half, no matter what – type of man. He was all about their marriage, family, supporting her and making her the Queen.

They were so very strong together. I can’t think of anyone that knew them that would question that strength – and they did good with it – good things like driving forward youth programs, awareness programs, all sorts of things. But always at the core; my MIL, Charmer, our family.

My father, Military, showed how much influence your spouse can have behind the scenes, but still driving things forward. It strikes me just how much influence my Mother had in choosing direction, options, forming the family structure and direction, and in choosing so many things of our lives. Looking back, in reality, it was as close as it could be to an FLR – and it worked, and well.

They were strong as a couple because of it too. Strong exterior, driven by a strong structure, goals and pushing ever-forward behind the scenes.

I’ve thought a lot about both of these incredible influences. Clearly, they imprinted an awareness and drive in me and Charmer – to find and build out or own relationship and life in a way that provides those avenues of support and yes, the whole FLR side of things in our own lives.

I think when we first started all of this, perhaps it was for the kink side of things. There’s a lot to that, I get it. But that would wear off after a time, that would lessen, if it weren’t for an overall, powerful structure that works well for everyone. I think these influences of these men, these great models, helped lay the groundwork for what could be.

I am really grateful for these influences, and for the types of structures they both were part of that helped influence our own choices, and our ability to be open to ideas, choices and options that may not have been the most commonplace, but certainly lend great power, trust and support to our relationship in more ways than I can say or imagine.

Happy Father’s Day!

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