Room 101 – Fears, Domme-side and Life

I love that this Food for Thought Friday ties to George Orwell and 1984. This was one of my favorite books as a tween. I was raised by a father who thought that all small children should be read classics and I vividly remember him reading Kim by Rudyard Kipling to me when I was 5. So, it is no surprise that I read all of the classics that I could find.

I don’t have a lot of fears. [Snake: I can vouch for this – from a sexy-time perspective and a life perspective] I do seriously dislike jumping bugs. I hate driving but definitely more of a control freak issue. Anything I can’t control as much as possible makes me uncomfortable. But I can’t say that it goes to fear.

I would rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not.

Lucille Ball

I would have to say my real fear is putting off my life. I don’t want to sit on the front porch with Snake talking about all of the things that we didn’t do. Lamenting that we could have gone to this place or tried this restaurant but decided to wait.

Yes, I realize that sometimes we have to wait. Neither of us was born with a trust fund and work and family is a thing. But one of our favorite things is planning the next great adventure.

[Snake: One of the things that Domme-mode Charmer does is keep pushing and pulling our time together, forward. To explore new things, to grow us, to grow our relationship and to experience new things. It might be the smallest of things, like writing on new topics, or the largest of things, like some entirely new avenue of play. But where I would say “hey, that looks interesting” she’s one to be standing there going “Yes, yes it does. And here’s how it works because I have all the things we need to give this a whirl.” From places to things to experiences…]

We’ve had some amazing ones. We’ve been on cruises to the Caribbean, British isles, Alaska, Northern Baltic, Central America and New Zealand. We’ve done road trips where we clocked over 5000 miles. I’ve zip lined in three countries. We have seen glowworms in NZ and been through customs in Russia.

Why is this a fear? My father’s greatest wish was to go to Glacier National Park in Montana and see Alaska. He put off Glacier because my mother was afraid of bears. Grandkids came along and they stopped traveling as much. I’m sure in their mind it was worth the trade off to spend the time with them.

They were always planning for someday to go to all of the places they dreamed about. He was a history buff and wanted to see Greece. I think my mom would have been happy walking every beach in the entire world. Things just ended up that they didn’t live to that point in their life.

So, I fear waiting for that elusive someday. It’s not even just travel. It includes putting off telling someone that I care even if that means I’m the over-the-top goofball. I can’t worry that someone might be offended by my giggling in a restaurant. Since I might not get someday, no one has that guarantee, I want to do all of the things.

I fear putting off the best and most important things for later in favor of the daily grind. I don’t want that regret on the front porch.

Plus, there are so many places left to visit, things to see, things to do!

[Snake: Just… yessssssss]

6 thoughts on “Room 101 – Fears, Domme-side and Life”

  1. Great post – so glad to see you joining in. The driving issue – because of the control issue I am ok when in the drivers seat but a very bad passenger.
    Your last fear should be everyone’s IMO – we are only here once – apparently 😉

  2. Thank you so much for joining in with mine and May’s first week of F4TFriday 🙂 I am definitely hoping we can come up with some great questions to keep the post flowing from folks.

    As for your fear of putting off life, this is one I 100% get. There are reasons I do have to hold off on some things, especially bigger adventures and that okay. I try and counteract that with never letting the smaller more achievable adventures pass me my. Which usually means embracing new kinks and visiting as many kinky event as possible, which I suppose isn’t a bad way to pass my time :p

    Floss x

    1. I understand holding off but we do try to keep those to a minimum or find good alternatives.

      But new kinks definitely help keep life fun!

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