Results of Round One of the Game

We finished the last round of the game on Friday morning and I promised (OK, teased) the results would be forthcoming.

The questions and poll results were as follows:

Day 1: Best you go back where you came from, now. We don’t take too kindly to ______ in these parts.

  • 57% for Jormungandr the World Serpent (me)
  • 43% for Going to bed at a reasonable hour (Snake)

Day 2: You city folk would never understand the quiet dignity of ______

  • 55% for German dungeon porn (me)
  • 45% for Bouncing up and down (Snake)

Day 3: There are two types of people in the world. People who are ____ and people who aren’t.

  • 50% for Aaron Burr (me)
  • 50% for Casually suggesting a threesome (Snake)

Day 4: She’s up all night for good fun. I’m up all night for ___

  • 56% for Eternal darkness (Snake)
  • 44% for Spaghetti? Again? (me)

Day 5: ____: kid tested, mother-approved.

  • 87% for The power of the Dark Side (Snake)
  • 13% for Destroying Dick Cheney’s last horcrux (me)

Day 6: A genie granted me three wishes, but I wasted them all trying to wish for ____

  • 56% Cuddlng (me)
  • 44% Harry Potter erotica (Snake)

Day 7: I get by with a little help from _____

  • 56% Passive-aggressive Post-it notes (me)
  • 44% Growing up chained to a radiator in perpetual darkness (Snake)

So the final results were four wins for me, two wins for Snake and one tie which goes to me. Of course!

And honestly? No Harry Potter fans out there? I’m surprised with that on two days.

So, for my win, Snake gets to have 10 ruined O’s before he can cum again. He would have received an extra O for the year if he had won. But alas….I get to do some Snake torture instead which I admit to loving.

And the poll for whether we should play another round went 87% pro to 13% meh. We will start again tomorrow with a new week’s worth of frivolity. And there will have to be a different win/lose prize. Still working on that one but I’m sure it will be a Snake favorite whatever I choose.

So, that’s a wrap as they say…

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