Edge For Me

It’s just a normal Sunday night. We’ve done our workouts, had some dinner, watched some TV and now it is bath time. As usual, you start the water, put in the bath bomb, get my water and phone and Kindle and strip naked to wait for me.

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Dark Lady

You are waiting impatiently for me to come out of the bedroom having been banished until I am finished getting ready for the costume party. You look at your watch knowing that we need to leave soon when you hear the door open.

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Gosh, Didn’t Know You Were Here…

After a long day at work, I make my way home, a tad earlier than usual, but nothing big deal. I head inside and and hear music out in the family room, clearly it’s you, I recognize the playlist.

Honey, I’m home,” I say in jest. But I don’t think you can hear me. The music is up and I just assume you can’t make out my infamous line, so I go to find you. I do. I find you reclined in that over-stuffed chair, facing away from me… and naked.

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You Found Me

It’s one of those fall days in the desert where it is still too hot to do anything outside that doesn’t involve a pool. We decide to go to up the mountain so we can take a hike because we’ve been tired of being stuck inside during the triple digit days.

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