Gosh, Didn’t Know You Were Here…

After a long day at work, I make my way home, a tad earlier than usual, but nothing big deal. I head inside and and hear music out in the family room, clearly it’s you, I recognize the playlist.

Honey, I’m home,” I say in jest. But I don’t think you can hear me. The music is up and I just assume you can’t make out my infamous line, so I go to find you. I do. I find you reclined in that over-stuffed chair, facing away from me… and naked.

I start to say something, then something catches my attention. It’s something about how you’re moving. It’s more than just no clothes, it’s that you’re totally into the music, and totally into your wand. I can’t even see the wand, I just know… because your legs keep slowly extending, then pulling back up.

I can see these jolts of energy shoot through you – they start at your shoulders, then as it flows down through you, your head goes back into the chair just a bit, leaning back. Your back arches. It’s erotic as hell.

Somehow, I lucked out. You haven’t yet realized I’m there. I stand frozen, not wanting to breath or make any noise. I watch.

I watch as your breath catches. I see the muscles in your legs firm up, hold, then shake just a bit as they let go again, then repeat that whole cycle. I see you oh so slowly rocking, these waves of erotic energy from your head to your toes and back again. Then I hear the wand – it’s on that low, rumbly setting the one that rumbles through, and, depending on the pressure, either shakes or teases you to the core.

I see your toes do this dance off the edge of the ottoman when your legs extend – this thing of extending, then curling up tightly and holding there for just a few seconds. I see your knees come up, hold and your body shift to be at the perfect angle, totally lost in seeking release.

I realize my mouth is dry. I’m trying so hard not to make a noise, not to break this spell. And I’m loving every single minute of taking this in, watching you, watching you respond.

Your breathing is catching in these little gasps. Your head rolling side to side a bit. Your body isn’t fighting to move, but rather to stay still in just that spot. I see these little twitches running through you, I know you’re close, I can feel, see and hear you chasing down your orgasm.

Your knees, drawn up a bit, give the first hint – your legs straighten up, every muscle grabbing, your toes curled under just a bit, gripping at the air. I see you lift up some off the chair at first as your orgasm blossoms, hold it just a bit, then release back into the chair only to repeat that as another wave blows through you. This wave of pure animal goodness flows through you several times as your orgasm grabs hold, shaking you, pushing these subtle waves of goodness through your body.

As you start to come down, you take this long, shaky breath. It’s like you can’t quite catch your breath, but need the air as your body continues these random little spasms.

Gosh, didn’t know you were here,” you say – the first words out of your mouth. You’re not even looking at me until you turn to look at me with this fiery burn in your eyes. “Get over here… and I hope you enjoyed the show,” you tell me with that knowing grin on your face.

Masturbation Monday

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  1. I found this very hot – it’s wonderful to watch someone masturbating like they would when they think they’re alone, and you describe it so sexily!

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