There is an awful lot of great new content out there – here are some of our favorite images and words from the past week–go check them out!


Soft play by Sex blog (of sorts) Love the dreamy thoughtful quality. And the ending…

The Tights That Bind by Jupiter Grant Fun story! (Twitter: @grantjupiter)

Ever heard of procrastination? Masturbation? How about procrasturbater? Read all about it by Morag. (Twitter: @MoistMusings)

Reclamation by Brigit Delaney Sexy ghost story… (Twitter: @brigitwrites)


What Did You Do This Weekend? by PirateStan Very much how we feel when people ask us that question. (Twitter: @kinkweekly)

No secret that marking is a thing here, so always get a kick out of seeing what types of things other people do as well. Always likely to find an intriguing idea or two! By Paltego (Twitter: @paltego1)

What sex is REALLY like, in my world by Mrs. Fever So true!!!

On Top of the World: How Does Topspace Feel For Me by A Kinky Autistic (Twitter: @kinkyautistic)


Make something to hurt me with by Molly – Love the textures of the sweater against her skin (Twitter: @mollysdailykiss)

Sunday Roast by Pain as Pleasure B/w and just a great slice of life (Twitter: @bibulousone)

Passion is Energy by Submissy It’s a heatmap image and really cool (Twitter: @5ubmissy)

Last Day of Vacation by HerHobbes Great way to knock out a to-do list (Twitter: @her_hobbes)

Top SteeledSnake Post

Gosh, I didn’t know you were there

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