Into the Shower

Typical lazy Sunday morning and you’ve just headed into the shower. I hear the water turn on and music start playing from the speaker in the bathroom. Some good old 80s rock….

I wait a couple of minutes and then quietly open the door. I drop my clothes and quickly slide into the shower with you.

With your back to me, you don’t notice until my hands start running down your back. “Need some help?” I ask playfully.

You are no fool. I get the soap and make sure you are all squeaky clean, playing particular attention to your cock, which definitely has come out to play. I smirk as I tease you with my wet soapy hands. Just as you think you might get lucky this morning, I stop.

You groan and open your eyes, suspiciously. “I think it’s me time,” I say and point to the floor of the shower. I sit on the bench of the shower as you kneel, getting comfortable and giving you access.

You lean in and start licking and sucking lightly. I settle in and enjoy the feel of the water cascading over me as you give me one, two, three orgasms. After the third, I grab your hair and stop you with a hard kiss.

The water is starting to get cold so I stand up to turn it off. I pull you to your feet and kiss you again. Pulling your hand, we head to the bed, both still dripping. Maybe you still will get lucky this morning….

Masturbation Monday

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