Dark Lady

You are waiting impatiently for me to come out of the bedroom having been banished until I am finished getting ready for the costume party. You look at your watch knowing that we need to leave soon when you hear the door open.

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Turning, you start to say something and stop, staring. I’ve transformed myself into a dark gypsy, all purples and blacks and sequins and beads.

“How do I look?” I ask with a smirk.

“How about we skip the party and stay home?” you reply.

“Ha!” I swish past you and twirl in the middle of the room. “I’m going to win the prize and then, maybe, we’ll come home for a little black magic of my own.”

Huffing, you grab the keys and head for the door. As I walk past you, I grab your ass and kiss you hard. I feel you get hard and I smile as I pull away.

At the party I wander off and you keep getting glimpses of me here and there. But, when you get there, I’m gone. Then I sneak behind you and whisper, “Did you vote for me yet?” And am gone again.

Wandering over to the voting table, you see me across the room, laughing and flirting. I catch your eye, eyes flashing, and blow you a kiss. You stop a beat and I wave you on toward the table. “Vote,” I mouth to you.

You wait in line and as you are writing down my name, I am suddenly next to you, peering over your shoulder. I smile that you have indeed voted for me and give you a kiss. After you have handed over the ballot, I pull you away towards the bathroom.

As we get there, someone is leaving and I pull you in and lock the door. I point to the floor and you look confused for a moment. And then I lift the skirt to reveal that there is nothing underneath. I lean against the vanity and point again.

You drop to your knees and start licking and sucking. The music outside is loud enough to cover the noise, just barely, and I hold your hair tightly to keep you where it feels best. Someone knocks and I reply, “Occupied!”

“I know! But they are calling your name for the costume contest.” I giggle and drop my skirt. “Coming!”

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