Saturday Morning Interlude

It’s Saturday morning and we have nowhere to be so we laze in bed a little longer, drifting in and out of sleep while I rub my butt against your cock cage. You keep trying to pull back and huff a bit as it just makes me wiggle in more and more.

Photo by Mr. Wong

Finally I get up to shower and you head out to the kitchen to get dishes started and the water heating up for my tea.


You pick up your phone expecting the morning picture that I usually send to you. And it IS there. It just happens to be a picture of your key on the bed and a message to unlock. You quickly turn off the stove and shut off the water to head to the bedroom.

The shower is still running so you unlock and try to figure out if you should stay or head back to the kitchen. You realize that you left your phone in the kitchen and race back to grab it so you don’t miss a message.


You grab it and realize that it is a reminder and you already missed a message telling you to get the wand out and be waiting for me on the bed. You race back to the bedroom, hoping that I won’t be out before you get back.

I’m still in the bathroom so you get out the wand, straighten the bed and lay down, waiting. You close your eyes and try to get your heart rate down after the run down the hall. The door opens and I come out, dressed in a bra and underwear and nothing else.

I see you watching me and your cock gets hard. I smile and walk to the bed, pulling off my underwear and dropping it on the floor. I climb onto the bed and on top of you. Your hands start to wander and I give my head a slight shake. “My rodeo.”

I tease you by rubbing against your cock, knowing exactly what you want and denying it for a few minutes. I hear you gasp each time you think that it might be this time and then let out the breath, completely frustrated, when I move again.

Finally, in one quick motion, I slide down onto you and your eyes fly open and you groan. I grab the wand and I turn it on, locking eyes with you as I use you.

“I will let you cum when I am done, but remember, you still need to ask,” I say after one orgasm. You nod and I watch your face contort a bit to keep control as my cunt contracts around you.

You watch as I have one O after another, knowing the price to pay for cumming early and struggling with the sensations flowing through your body. Finally, after what feels like hours, I look at you and say, “Now you may cum.”

One, two, three, four thrusts and you gasp, “May I cum?”


And you do. On and on and on.

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