I had two ideas for this post and I couldn’t decide which way to go. I had the memorable kisses idea and then a day of kisses in our life. So, lucky you, I decided to do both.

Memorable Kisses

First kiss between me and Snake: On a bus, slightly tipsy, on the way to California for senior trip. He looked at me, I kissed him, he turned away to the window briefly and said, “You kissed me.” I laughed and said, “Yes, I did.” And the rest is history.

Kiss in college: We were in the woods just off campus right after our parents had left. The sun was shining through the trees and it was silent. I sat against the tree and Snake’s head was in my lap. I leaned down and it was such a perfect kiss.

Proposal kiss: I didn’t think he was ever actually going to propose so he totally surprised me. It was Valentine’s Day so everyone said I should have known but apparently I was dense. He asked me “would you marry me?” and I replied, “Sure. Why?” and he pulled out the box. I was so shocked that I started crying in the restaurant. But after I said yes, it was a wonderful kiss.

Kissing in the limo: After the wedding and the pictures and the congratulations and all of that, we got into a limo to go to the reception. It was finally just us for a second and it was wonderful.

Renewal of vows: The captain of the cruise ship did a short ceremony and we kissed on the Caribbean at night with the ocean in front of us.

Kissing on the Eiffel Tower: I had wanted to get him there for years and we stood in the restaurant and looked out at Paris and kissed.

Kissing in Sydney: One of our bucket list items happened in 2017 and we went to Australia and New Zealand. The first morning after a 17 hour flight, we walked down to the cruise ship terminal and there was the Sydney Opera House. It was so surreal and perfect and we kissed.

I can’t wait for the next one….

A Day of Kisses

  • We wake up and kiss good morning. Always.
  • I come out from my shower to find him in the kitchen and we kiss.
  • He kisses me before he goes to take his shower.
  • I kiss him before he leaves for work.
  • Messages sending hearts and kisses and love notes all day
  • We kiss when he comes home.
  • Random kisses in the kitchen before and after dinner.
  • We kiss when he puts me in the tub at night, and when he brings in my coffee.
  • We kiss when we watch TV.
  • We kiss goodnight. Always.
  • And, of course, so many other random times throughout the day just because….

All of the kissing. Always.

Kissing #F4Thought

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