Loving You Easy

“Bitch!” I sputter as you splash me and I head for the deep end of the pool. I hear you laughing behind me as I surface, reaching for the edge and pushing my hair back from my face.

You start swimming towards me and I start kicking wildly, spraying water everywhere. You reach for my foot to try to get closer but I’m slippery from the water and you miss.

I grab your shoulder and pull you in for a long kiss. I can taste the chlorine on your lips as we slide together. With nothing but some water between us, I feel you quickly getting hard.

“Hmmm….I don’t think you should get rewarded for splashing me.” I raise my eyebrows and start stroking you. I move the PA ring back and forth, feeling you jerk just a little each time.

Swimming to the edge to get out, I smile over my shoulder at you. I pull myself up, water dripping off my naked body and step onto the deck. I dance over to grab a towel, singing along to the music coming from the speaker.

Dancing around to the radio
Humming the words that you don’t know
Cross out finding an angel off my list
Thinking that it don’t get no better than this

Loving You Easy–Zac Brown Band

I pull the towel slowly over my body, watching your eyes follow the path of the drips and the towel. I sit down on the chair and motion you out of the pool. You come to me and sit at my feet, water dripping from your body.

My hands run down your hair, your face, your shoulders and chest and then lick some water from your neck. You shudder and I continue kissing and nipping my way down your stomach. Your breath catches as I ring your belly button with my tongue.

My fingers ghost over your cock, not nearly enough, and you strain forward. I run my fingernails over your back, gently, and rub your butt, pulling you in just a bit. I grab your ring in my teeth, tugging just a little, and you groan.

I stand up, giving you a smoldering glance and grab my towel, heading for the house. You stand up, quickly following me, eager and ready for fun.

As I reach the door, I turn, smile and say, “I’m going to grab a shower. I’ll come back and see what the progress on the yard work is when I finish.” And as I step through, I hear…


Masturbation Monday
September Song Project copyright mrsfever.com

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