Love Remains the Same

Life. Oh that up and down and sideways and topsy-turvy ride that reminds me of a carnival sometimes. The roller coaster fun with the creepy house of mirrors and weird smells and too much.

Photo by Lisa Fotios

The exciting roller coaster up and down is great. You hold on to each other and scream and laugh and get off the ride wanting more. Life is just fun and you live in this happy bubble like Glinda.

Half the time the world is ending
Truth is I am done pretending

Gavin Rossdale

Unfortunately, then the other pieces happen. The bubble bursts and the smell of the stale popcorn and fried Twinkies and maze of mirrors appears. It’s hard to figure out which way to go and all of the options aren’t what you want. *Stomps foot*

But through it all there you are…

I, never thought that I
Had anymore to give
You’re pushing me so far
Here I am without you
Drink, to all that we have lost
Mistakes we have made
Everything will change
But, love remains the same

Gavin Rossdale
September Song Project copyright

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