You Found Me

It’s one of those fall days in the desert where it is still too hot to do anything outside that doesn’t involve a pool. We decide to go to up the mountain so we can take a hike because we’ve been tired of being stuck inside during the triple digit days.

field of flowers with person lying in field, holding their underwear in the air -- Masturbation Monday week 264 prompt

As we climb in elevation, the temperatures start dropping. As we get out at the first overlook, a breeze is blowing and whipping my hair into my face. We head to the edge to look down and take a goofy selfie, your hair standing almost straight up and mine all over my face and part of yours. We stand with our arms around each other, just enjoying the cooler weather and view.

Getting back into the car, I take off my shirt, leaving just a thin tank top underneath. You look suspicious but pull back onto the road and we continue on. The music is playing and we are singing along as the scenery starts changing from cactus to pine.

We finally get to the trailhead and get out, putting the snacks and the water into the backpack, and heading on our way. I lead the way, shaking my ass at you and you sneak a quick grab. We hike a little way up the trail, stopping for a kiss here or a picture there.

As we come around a corner, there’s a huge flat pasture full of flowers. They are high enough that I could almost get lost in them and I bolt quickly off the trail. It takes you a second to realize what I did and then you start trying to follow me, but you can only see the top of my head.

Suddenly you see the tank top fly up in the air before landing on top of one of the flowers. You race over only to find that I am no longer there. You grab the tank top and search for me. Next, the shorts are thrown up in the air and you chase me again. Not there.

You collect the latest piece of clothing and wait. A few seconds later you hear a giggle and the bra is visible off to your left. You head off, laughing now, and pull my bra off the top of the flower. Before you can put it in the backpack, I grab you from behind and turn you around, pulling at your belt.

You quickly unbuckle and pull your shorts off over your shoes as I get the picnic blanket from the backpack and lay it on the ground. I push you down on your back and take off my underwear, tossing it to the side.

I straddle you and kiss you hard before I slowly slide down on your cock, making you work for each inch. We move together quickly, hidden from sight by the plants. It’s the fastest of quickies but what an adrenaline rush. There are leaves in our hair and our clothes are covered in pollen. We laugh that wonderful laugh that is just pure sex.

As the wind kicks up again, it starts to get chilly being naked so we start to gather clothes. You have put all of mine in the backpack except for the underwear that I tossed to the side. Which, of course, is now nowhere to be found. You shake out the blanket and nothing.

I decide to give up and just put the rest of my clothes on. I can’t see which direction the trail is from where we are and head off to the left. You call after me that I’m going the wrong way and I turn to come back. And, what’s there?

“Found them!”

Is this a dream?
If it is
Please don’t wake me from this high
I’ve become comfortably numb
Until you opened up my eyes
To what it’s like
When everything’s right
I can’t believe
You found me
When no one else was lookin’
How did you know just where I would be?

You Found Me–Kelly Clarkson
Masturbation Monday
September Song Project copyright

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  1. This is so beautiful and playful. The line “I straddle you and kiss you hard before I slowly slide down on your cock, making you work for each inch.” is especially excellent.

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