You Know THAT Feeling?

(This is part 1, here’s part 2)

We’re getting ready to head out, goof off on the town. No real plans, just get out of the house and have some time out and about… We head to the car, goofing around, poking at each other, grabbing each other.

I open your door for you,. you slide in and reach over, closing the garage door. You turn back to me, unzipping me, reaching in. You have a grin on your face that is pure sex.

You don’t even have time to undo the rest of my pants before my cock is straining against my jeans, against your hand. You hum a bit, then tell me I need to get in back.

You laugh a bit, it’s like being back in high school, but we climb in the back, me sitting, you poised above me.

You pull your flirty skirt up slightly, lock eyes with me and promptly stuff your panties in my mouth, as you slowly, painfully slowly, lower yourself to me.

Just as we touch, you stop, eyes, still locked with mine. We kiss, softly at first, then you begin to devour me, and slowly impale yourself on me. But that first moment. That first slide. That first…

You know that feeling?

Yeah. That one. That’s what I’m imagining in my own mind right now. My hand on my cock, slowly stroking. My eyes closed. That feeling washing through me. I feel you slowly lower onto me. I feel you pull back and slowly descend again.

My mind is screaming. My body is working through initial convulsions and giving in. And my head, my head is racing, thinking of you, us, of all of it, and how fucking amazing it is.

That’s the feeling.

(This is part 1, here’s part 2)

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