Moo with Me

Yes, moo. Lol. I was thinking about what song to write about today and I looked through several of my favorites–thanks, Snake, for making me try to come up with three favorites. I can’t come up with three. Music is totally dependent on my mood and I go from country to rock to show tunes to pop and all roads in the middle.

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So, why mooing? I mean, let’s face it, cows are adorable. I was, however, thinking about Rent. It debuted in 1996–can you believe that? There are so many iconic actors and songs from that musical and it still resonates in the world today.

Snake and I have performed dance routines to several of the pieces but this particular one might be a tad difficult to dance to. A bit like dancing to beat poetry–you could do it, but it might not be pretty.

It feels like I, probably all of us, get stuck in doing what we should. There’s a path that is the way things are done. Whatever those things might be.

Amusingly, at least for me, I got to this post through ABBA and/or Mamma Mia 2 with I Wonder.

I wonder, it’s frightening
Leaving now, is that the right thing?
I wonder, it scares me
But who the the hell am I if I don’t even try?


Because fear is, of course, the thing that tends to hold me back. Moving forward tends to leave other things behind. And even if those things don’t necessarily still work the way they did, they are comfortable and we know where the cracks are. Moving forward means learning new things and, as exciting as that is, it also means the risk of failure.

The problem in all of that is that I have to keep pushing. Ruts are the worst thing in the world for me. I become complacent and lazy. I need to stir things up and I have to try new things. Meet new people, try new food, visit new places, read new books, attempt new dances, try new positions, try new toys and just keep growing.

OK, Charmer, we get it. You are ADHD to the max. What the fuck does this have to do with mooing?

Snake is my person. I think we’ve established that. He’s the one who I know will keep me safe when I try to push too far. He’s the one who holds on tight enough that I know he is there without restricting me too much. He pulls me back in when the world has hurt me and understands. He trusts my judgement and loves me. All of me which sometimes is challenging and yet, he does. He allows me to take those leaps of faith.

“The only way out is up”
Elsie whispered to me
“A leap of

Over the moon
Over the
Moo with me


So, in classic crazy Charmer fashion…moo with me….

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