Let’s Take a Drive

Some of you might remember Christian Kane from Angel, or Leverage or The Librarians. He also has an album that most people have never heard of that has some great music–IMHO. Kinda rock, kinda country.

September says new season to me–well, it also says back to Hogwarts but I haven’t gotten my owl yet–and all of the brightness that comes with a fresh start. Here in Tucson, realistically fall won’t show up until November but the Colorado girl in me thinks that it is still fall and going to be cooler. I wait for that one morning when I can feel the slight coolness in the breeze and announce that fall is on the way.

Snake and I actually are doing a dance routine to another one of the songs from the album, but for my first September Song Project, I thought I would pick Let’s Take a Drive. Why?

I feel like it is a new start song. New month, new start, clean slate and moving on. Maybe back to pieces of you that you misplaced, or forgot or pushed down too far.

Where’s the girl I knew that held
A lighter up to the radio,
She’d do anything she wants
Because she can?

Christian Kane

Life happens to everyone. We all get bruised and lose our way. But, I am a lucky Charmer because I have Snake who is my person. He reminds me who I am when I forget. He reminds me who I can and want to be. He brings joy and fun and balance to my life.

You can find that girl within
She’s probably waitin’ in the wings
For you to come along.
To let her out again
You need a quarter mile, a bunch of horses,
And some gasoline.

Christian Kane

And, yes, sometimes on that open road and a ride–one of these days we’ll get the motorcycle and go for bad ass rides. And, sometimes Vegas and sometimes just at home, knowing exactly what to say to remind me of who and what I am.

September Song Project copyright mrsfever.com

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