Let’s Start a Fire

Pink doesn’t tend to be my go-to color for much so this prompt didn’t actually start with the color but with the artist. She is one of my favorite artists for her attitude and love and willingness to take risks.

I open up my heart
You can love me or not
There’s no such thing as sin
Let it all come right in
I wanna make some mistakes, I wanna sleep in the mud
I wanna swim in the flood, I wanna fuck ’til I’m done
I like whiskey on ice, I like sun in my eyes
I wanna burn it all down, so let’s start a fire

I am Here by P!nk
Sinful Sunday

14 Replies to “Let’s Start a Fire”

  1. I love how you’ve interpreted the prompt, pink isn’t really a colour of mine either! This is striking and I love the Pink quote you’ve used.

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