Time Travel

I’ve never really had the desire to travel back. Sure, who doesn’t consider what might happen if we change a catastrophic, or even personal, event? But I’ve always been convinced that somehow the same or possibly even a worse thing might transpire in the vacuum that I create.

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What makes a person toxic? To me, it’s a person who can’t see past their own lives and experiences and empathize. If it doesn’t forward their own view of themselves, make them money or something for them, the person or experience or whatever is worthless.

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SoSS 17

Here’s some fun stories and writings and images from the past week. And make sure to check out everyone who is participating in Feb Photo Fest 2020–some wonderful images! Ours for today is way down at the bottom of the page.

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Purple Lace

Date night and we’re headed out to one of our favorite pubs. We eat and have a couple of drinks, casually talking and watching the people around us. There’s a game on the TVs over the bar and a crowd is cheering for the home team.

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