SoSS 20

Last post of February–and last Feb Photo Fest picture of 2020! Hope you’ve checked out all of the wonderful images from everyone this month. Here are some writings and images to brighten and inspire…

Sexy Writings

The Kinky Love Languages: Acts of Service by Amy What a great view of service from both sides with some real life thrown in. (Twitter: @CoffeeAndKink)

Lost in a Forest by Velvet Black I love poetry and this is hot and beautiful. (Twitter: @velvet_mews)

Resistance by Emmaleela Perfect words and so vivid!

Cane Wank: Masturbation Monday #286 by a mental switch. Hmmmm….this gives me an idea.

Please Come Back by Patricia Ray. What a beautiful and vivid story. (Twitter: @PatriciaRayAuth)

Wounded Knee Part One ~ Lean on me by May More Oh–I could so see myself doing this even without any alcohol and not having a problem seeing. I fall off the pattern on tile. (Twitter: @May_Matters)

If I was the Washcloth You Used While Bathing by G. Charles Being a fan of bath time, this was great–love the personification! (Twitter: @gcs2090)

Sexy Images

Ski Trip (sinful sunday) by PainAsPleasure It’s all about the angles–love these shots! (Twitter: @BibulousOne)

Hot Legs on Sinful Sunday by Posy Churchgate Those are some amazing legs. (Twitter: @posychurchgate)

Feb Photo Fest 2020- Day 22- On the Mend by Jae Lynn Love the textures and hair and I’m so glad you are feeling better! (Twitter: @RantingsofaNM)

Day 23 #febphotofest #febphotofest2020 #sinfulsunday by lovedyoualongtime Love the color and textures and the peek. (Twitter: @The_Other_me_9)

Top SteeledSnake Post of the Week

Chastity Lightning by Snake (Twitter: @steeledsnake)

And for the last picture of the month …#wedidit!

February Photofest

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