SoSS 18

Another week gone by–here are the things that caught our eye in the Interwebs this week.

Sexy Writing

Surprise Visit by Sweeten Dirty This made me laugh–it’s happened to us too! (Twitter: @Sweeten_Dirty)

Dynamite by Asrai Devin Love this snippet. It definitely makes me want more. (Twitter: @asrai)

[Life] Pride; In Myself & Others by Floss I could relate to a lot of this. My mom died about 10 years ago and she would definitely not be proud of some of my life–but I am. (Twitter: @_floss_84)

Punished by Christmas Bunny The ending was so perfect….

Mother to adults by Submissy This is a great discussion about the progression of relationships. (Twitter: @5ubmissy)

The first taste by sub-Bee Such a descriptive and hot story. (Twitter: @sub_bee)

Lust, Love and Valentines – FebPhotoFest by Scottish Lass I absolutely love that she romances herself–what a fabulous idea! (Twitter: @scottishlasssub)

Sexy Images

Waiting Room by Holden and Camille This might be an outtake but it is lovely. Love the colors. (Twitter: @h_and_c_dot_com)

February 9th: Lolita… by The Other Livvy What a gorgeous and fun shot! (Twitter: @theotherlivvy)

february photofest 10 by Kristi There is so much to love in this–overalls and just a hint of boob.

Reflection by Annie Savoy The use of the mirror is great and the quote fits perfectly! (Twitter: @asavoywrites)

Top SteeledSnake Post for the Week

Hand Porn and Chastity Cages by Snake (Twitter: @steeledsnake)

And our picture for the day…a little fun for Charmer.

February Photofest

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