What Is It About Fishnets?

I mean, seriously. There are all sorts of fishnets – from really fine mesh patterns to lacy patterns to broad, open patterns.

But to me, being on the other side of this…the side where I get to look, and run my hands over them, feel them, it’s just plain sexy.

I love the feel of them as she leans into me.

I love the look of them as she walks, as she sits, as she lays there, ready and waiting.

I love the feel of them against my hands running them from the tips of her toes to the very top of the fishnets. The bumps. The fabric. The skin between. The there, but not totally touchable aspect of it all.

I love the way it encompasses her feet, her calves, her thighs. The outsides of her legs, the insides, that slow, methodical tracing of the lines from down there to up there.

I love the feel of it pressed against me, rubbing against me at times. Sometimes rough, sometimes lacy, sometimes catching. All the time there.

I love the way it looks when it’s dry. When it’s wet. When it’s sweaty. When it’s… gooey.

Most of all, I love the look in her eyes, when she knows just how sexy it is, when she knows just how amazing it looks, how amazing it looks on her, how amazing she makes it look.

I love that it turns heads. That it makes people wonder, makes them jealous, makes them grin, makes them wander.

All of that. All of those things add up to what, exactly, it is about fishnets.


Throw-back, but too fun not to include here…
February Photofest

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