Challenge Day 8

I still need ideas for challenges–this is really hard to come up with one every day and I’m only at day 8!  Please send some suggestions along…

Today’s challenge is for Snake to write an acrostic poem using CHARMER.  Yes, I can hear him groaning all of the way from tomorrow.  And, even better, it needs to be about me.   This should be lots of fun!

Challenge Day 7

Wednesday is always the day that Snake has to post a pic of himself.  For today’s challenge, he has to use 5 pieces of Christmas ribbon in his photo.  At least one of them needs to be tied in a bow….

Enjoy the view!

Challenge Day 6

We’re home and that gives me so many more options for challenges.  Today, is all for me.  His challenge today is a mani/pedi for me which is sorely overdue and a full body massage.  He has to post pics on Twitter as proof of completion.

It’s good to be me…..

Challenge Day 3

It’s rainy where we are right now.  The wet road as we were coming home last night made me reflect on…reflections.  Today Snake has to take a pic using a reflection but it can’t be a mirror–that’s just too easy.  Then he has to tweet it out.

Enjoy your Saturday everyone!

Challenge Day 2

We’re still out of town so I’m still trying to not make things too hard for him….well, maybe just a little.

Today’s challenge is for Snake to describe some article of clothing that I’m wearing in a way that sounds really naughty and tweet it out.  You can guess what he might be describing…

Happy Friday!

Challenge Day 1

Welcome to December.  Or as Snake might be referring to it, a month of torture.  🙂

We’re heading out of town today so I thought that I would do an easy one to ease him into the routine.  He’s wearing red underwear today—because, you know, I told him to.  He has to tweet out a pic of #jeanporn and #redunderwearpeek  taken in the airport bathroom.

Enjoy! And don’t forget about those suggestions from our dear readers….

A Whole Month of Challenges….

It’s been a little while since I tossed out a challenge to Snake so it got me thinking.  Which, of course, always makes him more than a little nervous.   [Snake: Um, just a tad] The first inspiration was the 12 Days of Christmas, then he mentioned an Advent calendar so I threw caution to the wind and decided to just use the whole month of December.  [Snake: Of course — 31 days!  Yay!  What could possibly go wrong??] So, here is the challenge premise….

Each day of the month, Snake will be responsible for a task.  I will be posting them on here and Twitter daily so you can follow along and see what fun things I have for him.  Some will be fast and others will be more involved, but all will be lots of fun for me, of course.  And, if you have ideas, put them in the comments.  I might use them, or not, or keep them for another time, but I always love input… [Snake: Might I suggest suggesting things like “take shower” and “put on socks” – those would be great suggestions you all could make!]

Besides the sheer joy of doing things that I want, what does Snake get out of this?  Well…if he accomplishes all of his tasks, he will get two tokens for bonus O’s that can be used any time he is eligible.  For someone who is at 13 for the year, I think that’s a pretty good reward.  [Snake: Nervously wrings hands.  Yes.  Yes it is.]

If he misses any at all though, no bonuses.  And if he misses more than two, he will start upping the required the ratio by 1% for every one that he misses.  Just ask him….he doesn’t want that. [Snake: No, no I don’t.]

So….keep your eyes on here and Twitter for his tasks.  It should be a December to remember.  [Snake: Or at least, ya know, to cheer for?!]

The Scrabble Tiles Are Out Again

Long weekends seem to bring out the fun-loving spontaneous side of me.  Or, as Snake likes to put it, the evil and devious side of me.  [Snake: I think that depends on your perspective.  “fun-loving” – I do think “devious” is more apt] Either way, it’s time for another Scrabble challenge. If you don’t remember the previous ones, here is the first challenge and here is the second one.

[Snake: I KNEW this was coming.  After two wins, I even told her after the last one that I was sure that the next one was going to be on the hairy edge of impossible.  She hasn’t disappointed.]

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Another Scrabble Challenge

Snake has been asking about another game.  We haven’t played an official one since the beginning of June so I guess it’s about time to drive him insane again…

The Scrabble tiles are back.  You remember how much he adored them the first time, right?  Scrabble is his favorite board game.  Not.  And that just makes it even more fun for me.

The last time that we did a Scrabble game, he was earning points.  We haven’t been doing the points lately so the rules have to change.   So, instead of points, we are playing for days.  To be precise, the number of days before he will be allowed an orgasm.   His beginning date is December 18th so a week from today.  He will be playing to see if he moves the date forward or backward…

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