Challenge Day 23

So, last night Snake did finish his wrapping if you didn’t see the tweet.  His “reward” was 55 minutes to give me as many O’s as he could to improve our ratio.  The ratio determines when his next O is.  The results?  He managed 36 and upped the ratio to 60:1, in my favor, of course….  As for what his ratio has to be–that will have to remain a mystery for now.

Today’s challenge is tied to yesterday.  I feel like it’s only fair for him to have some fun too.  He will be uncaged today and he needs to be edged 36 times by the end of the day either by him or me.  He will be tweeting out his progress during the day in the form of total completed/36 so you can keep track.

Happy Friday and happy #boobday!

Challenge Day 22

Today’s challenge is all about earning play time for Snake.  First, he needs to procure the last gift certificate that we need for a present and tweet out a pic verifying that it has been purchased.  And second, he has to do some wrapping tonight for gifts for his family.  There are, by my count, 11 to wrap.  And he can only use a maximum of 5 gift bags.  He’ll have to tweet out a pic of the finished work.

The number that he finishes determines how long he gets the honor of giving me O’s.  Yes, it’s very good for me.  But, it’s also very good for him because it raises the ratio and gets him that much closer to his own elusive O.  You’ll have to tune in tomorrow to see how long he earned and how much he raised his ratio by….

Happy Thursday–hope you have some of your own kinky fun today!

Challenge Day 21

Another Snake picture day…. I do love these days.  Today’s challenge is for him to use the lights from the Christmas tree in his photo somehow.  Because, you know, we finally put it up.  Never let it be said that the Snake household is organized at holidays.

Looking forward to seeing what he comes up with.  Happy Hump Day!

Challenge Day 20

Time for another song challenge…. The song “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas” is one of the silly favorites around here.  Today Snake needs to rewrite the chorus in a kinky way…  No, not with the hippo…

Challenge issued…

Challenge Day 19 – Story Post – Movie Theater

We’ve had a great evening just goofing off – dinner, a little running around to different sites, just relaxing stuff.  You decide you’d like to go cap it off with a movie… and I look at you like you’ve lost your mind.  But you’re just ignoring me!  I’m doing my best to give you a “whaaaaaaa?” look when you start talking about movies as you scan your phone for tickets.

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Challenge Day 19

Another Monday which, of course, means another story from Snake.  Today’s challenge is to use a movie theatre as a setting.  Thanks to our friend dinaswag for her idea and help!

Can’t wait to see what he writes today…

Challenge Day 18

Friday was a front flash so thought that I would give equal time to the other side.  Today’s challenge is for an underwear picture of Snake’s very nice booty.

Hope you enjoy!

Challenge Day 17

Today is Christmas decorating and visiting a galaxy far, far away in the Snake household.  So his challenge today is to wear the njoy 2.0 plug and then write a short post about it tonight….

Have a great Saturday!


Challenge Day 16

Happy Friday!  Hope everyone had a good week and is looking forward to some sexy fun over the weekend.

Today’s challenge is for a Friday Flash.  I picked out some sexy undies for Snake and his task is to take a pic of himself in just them and his shirt.  The one catch is that it needs to be taken in his office so I need something in the shot that proves to me that he’s dropping his pants there.   Then he has to post the pic.  Just a little something for everyone’s enjoyment today…

Challenge day 15 – Audio: In Defense of Long Elevator Rides… Sort of

Today’s challenge was fun, but challenging.  It’s hard to put inflections in and all of that that mean the same to multiple people.  I can’t wait to hear the feedback.  This is based on the post of the same name (and content) here.

And of course, it’s in response to Charmer’s challenge for today for the December Challenge fest.

Challenge Day 15

Today’s challenge was a suggestion from a good friend of ours. Southern Belle suggested to me that Snake read one of his stories and post the audio.  And since she made the suggestion, I let her pick which story she wanted him to read.

So, for today, Snake needs to read In Defense of Long Elevator Rides… Sort of and post it.  Can’t wait to see how you like it….  Enjoy!


Challenge Day 14

Another Wednesday means another Snake picture day.  Today’s challenge is an uncaged photo that includes some holiday garland….

And don’t worry, for those of you who are thinking that I’m going easy on him, there are definitely more challenging ones to come.  I’m just giving Snake some time to recover from being sick.

Challenge Day 13

Today’s challenge isn’t too difficult…. Today is commando day.  It’s only slightly more challenging because of “the cage” and the fact that it rattles a little under the most modest of circumstances.

Snake needs to post a #jeanporn #commando pic to Twitter to prove his state of affairs.  Enjoy!

Challenge Day 12

And onto a new week…  Today is story day again so I’m going to give him the setting for it today.  Our city, like many others I’m sure, has a neighborhood that all decorate for Christmas.  The one here even sells hot chocolate and cider for people who have come to walk through and look at the lights.  It’s very very popular—and crowded.

Today’s setting will be this neighborhood on a crowded night.  Let’s see what Snake can make up out of that.

Happy Monday everyone!

Challenge Day 11

Today I’m going to use an idea given to me a few days ago in a comment by DtBHC.  Snake has to write his own version of the 12 Days of Christmas in a kinky manner.  And if he find the comment, he might even have a couple of ideas already given to him….

Thanks for the idea!

Challenge Day 10

Happy Saturday!  Today’s challenge is more outside Snake’s comfort zone.  He loves taking pics of me, but he isn’t nearly as fond of being in front of the camera.  For this weekend’s Sinful Sunday pic, he’s going to have to join me in it.  We’ll see what artistic shot he comes up with….

Challenge Day 8 – Response

This post is in response to Charmer’s request.  This is harder than it may seem, not necessarily to find words, but words that you can make sense of and that are right for the situation.  In this case, Charmer.  Not that Charmer is a situation. Never mind.  Here’s the solution I ended up with:

C leavage extraordinaire!
H ickey-giving
A mazing sense of humor
R ed-blonde hair to die for
M assively sarcastic
E volving, always evolving
R azor-sharp wit