Challenge Day 8

I still need ideas for challenges–this is really hard to come up with one every day and I’m only at day 8!  Please send some suggestions along…

Today’s challenge is for Snake to write an acrostic poem using CHARMER.  Yes, I can hear him groaning all of the way from tomorrow.  And, even better, it needs to be about me.   This should be lots of fun!

9 Replies to “Challenge Day 8”

  1. Snake: No groans necessary! The thesaurus is your friend!

    Let’s see, ‘C’ words…


    …See, it could be worse. She could be making you write a sonnet about her clavicle. 😉


    Charmer: What about task-y things, the practical kind, that you need done or that have been put off? Or sending him out for something you need? (I, for one, detest going to the store – ANY store, even the grocery – this time of year. Hubs makes a great errand boy, especially when there are multiple stops to be made. 😀 )

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