Challenge day 15 – Audio: In Defense of Long Elevator Rides… Sort of

Today’s challenge was fun, but challenging.  It’s hard to put inflections in and all of that that mean the same to multiple people.  I can’t wait to hear the feedback.  This is based on the post of the same name (and content) here.

And of course, it’s in response to Charmer’s challenge for today for the December Challenge fest.

7 Replies to “Challenge day 15 – Audio: In Defense of Long Elevator Rides… Sort of”

      1. I like being able to read for myself first (which I did, when you posted it), but it’s interesting to hear it – presumably as it was *intended* to be ‘heard’ by the reader the first time around – in the author’s voice.

        It’s not good or bad; one is not better than the other. It leaves an impression though, and from hearing you, specifically, I will likely carry over your inflections and mood/tone when reading your stories in the future. 🙂

        As an aside: One thing I enjoy is hearing stories read to me in my lover’s voice. It’s a different kind of connection/interaction, and there’s a vulnerability to it that makes it sweet and sexy.

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