Day 4 – Challenge Response

Charmer asked that I provide three things about her that I like, and two surprising (or at least little known) things about me….  This is a challenging request; it’s hard to write cohesive notes on this – it certainly won’t be in Twitter. 🙂

Yeah, yeah.  Some of this is “sappy” – whatever.

About her:

This won’t come as any big surprise.  I’m an eye-guy(tm) – I feel like truths are told with the eyes and that they let you in to a person’s sincere thoughts.  Charmer’s are exactly like this.  I can tell when things are good, great, painful or whatever may really  be going on.  They’re an absolute look – even at times when she wishes they weren’t.  They’re gorgeous.

Sincere, unwavering support
Like everyone, we’ve had our ups and downs.  But she’s always there supporting – even my most hair-brained ideas and approaches.  We’ve rolled the dice in life more than a few times.  Made some great choices, and yes, some that didn’t QUITE work like expected.  But I’ve never sincerely heard “See, told you it wouldn’t work!”  It’s always – talk it through, agree, and execute.  It’s pretty damn wonderful.

Domme side
This is new. I’ve never before seen this side of her and when it’s in full swing, it’s something that I’m just lucky to see and be part of, particularly when it feeds off me, and I feed off of it.  It’s this cycle that is pretty indescribable and full of trust and mutual respect, and is extremely hard to describe.

Two Lesser-Known Things About Me:

I’m a pretty private person in reality – that may surprise some of you reading this.  This whole thing we do (the blog, twitter, etc. has all been a grand extension of a very controlled life.  I don’t think that counts as “1” but I say that because the whole “lesser-known” thing is tougher because of it.

Yes, I realize it may not be the thing all the cool kids do, but I love modern Broadway musicals.  Wicked, Rent – those types of things.  I love the music, the vocals, the “no faking it” aspect of the live show.  So shoot me. 🙂

I love learning about history – but perhaps not for what many people think of.  I really love learning about the relationship side of things – from Kings to more recent, I think the maneuvering is fascinating and the thin threads associated with decisions and small things that end up having these huge impacts… I’m a bit of a nerd about all of that.

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