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Time for a Snake Den Meme

Yes, I know…I haven’t really written in a LONG time….did you miss us?

Let me just be honest.  No one would have wanted to hear from me in this sexy space the last Thisdays (that’s what I named the endless day after day of sameness).  You might be surprised to hear this but I am a control freak.

Photo by Zukiman Mohamad from

YES!  Really.  I know it is a surprise and I hide it so well.

So, being that control freak, everything out of my control has not been a pretty picture.  I have ranted and railed and sulked.  I pulled back from most social media because more news just wasn’t helping.

That said, life is starting to have little shoots of green around here.  We’ve been out to a couple of really small restaurants that are being safe and are local favorites for date night.  I want to say that I’m the easy-going person who can dress up for a date in the house with delivery and make it OK when I really want to be out.  I’m not.

Writing just wasn’t really going to flow and it wasn’t fun like it should be.  So, I backed away and took some time.

But, it is time to restart things.  I am not, however, a person who writes well without a spark to get me going.  That’s where the meme comes in.

We will be starting an A-Z meme aptly named the Snake Den A-Z.  Clever, huh?  Each month will be a different prompt.  For August, it will be Summer.

What are the rules?  Put the badge on your photo, poem, fiction, article, dissertation or anything else that says summer to you.  Want to start with X?  Go for it.  Only want to do one for the entire month?  Go you!

I am not promising that I will do every letter or do them in order.  They might be tied to another meme so that they jump around.  I MIGHT even repeat a letter.  You never know how crazy I’ll get.

So, by Friday we will have the badge on the site and you can grab it.  And if you are on Twitter, use the hashtag #SnakeDenAtoZ.  Link to badge

Hope you will join in the fun!!!