G is for Games

Yes, I hinted at a new one arriving in the Snake Den. So while Snake is busy trying to figure out if it will be Scrabble or Trivial Pursuit or Cards Against Humanity….it will be

none of the above.

One of the geeky things we’ve been doing in the lockdown is D&D. Yes, Dungeons and Dragons. Just in case you thought I couldn’t become more of one, there it is. And before we start each time, I roll the dice to see which is the “good” set this time.

He scoffs and insists they are random and it doesn’t make any difference at all. But dice jail is there for a reason.

So, this will be the first Snake Den D&D D/s game. And he has to pick one set of dice for the entire run because they are random, right?

It will start tonight (Friday 8/21) and run through Thursday 9/3. He has 2 weeks to cum. Well, that sounds easy, Charmer….

Each night he will roll a d4 to see how many rolls he gets of the d20. Just like in the game, 1s are bad. If he gets a 1 on the d4, the game is over for the night.

Above that and he will roll the d20 that number of times. Here there will be a little more leeway. If the first roll is a 1, the game is over unless he chooses to try to save the turn. If he gets a one on a subsequent roll, the rolling ends then with the previous rolls added together.

For instance–he rolls a 3 on the d4. His first roll one the d20 is 7, the second is 11 and the third is 1. His total would be 18. If the second roll had been a 1, his total would be 7.

What does he get for the 18 or 7 or whatever? He gets that many strokes that night. No more, no less. And if he cums? Then he wins. If not, the game continues on the next day with the d4 roll.

So, how does he get to save the turn if he rolls a 1 on the first d20 roll? This is the fun part….

He rolls the d8. And has to do the assigned task within an hour and then he can try again with the dice. Another 1 of the d20 would end it for the night if it is on the first roll.

Tasks associated with the number on the d8 die:

  1. Post of picture that I approve on Twitter
  2. Fifteen minute foot massage for me.
  3. I mark him 4 times
  4. Three O’s for me
  5. I edge him for 15 minutes and he can’t stop me and can’t cum
  6. Naked chore of my choice done by him.
  7. Him wearing a plug of my choice for 30 minutes
  8. Fifty swats for him with the implement of my choice

So what are the stakes? Yes, I said he wins if he cums. But that isn’t the prize. Well, it is a prize but not the grand prize. If he can cum based on the small number of strokes that I am quite certain will be result, his prize is one O per week until Thanksgiving. That is A LOT for him.

And if he loses? I have to have 150 O’s before he is eligible to cum again.

Let’s see how random the dice actually are….

4 thoughts on “G is for Games”

  1. I think I love this game. I have no idea about dungeons and dragons, but some cool punishments/rewards. And losing isn’t too bad either as he gets to give you 150 orgasms. I actually like that prize!!

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