C is for Coming Attractions

The day had been hot. Too hot to be running errands, but life happens. It was even too hot to really spend any time in the pool until it got dark.

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You cleaned up from dinner and finished up a few work emails. I was in the other room playing on the computer. At least the last time you saw me.

You stretched and called out to me. “Do you want to go in the pool?”

No answer.

Figuring that I was in the back of the house, you wandered down the hall. I wasn’t there either so you started back down towards the kitchen.

As you passed one of the open bedroom windows, you saw me in the pool, light on and at least topless. That answered that question.

You drop your clothes in the bathroom and head to the backyard to join me. As you close the back door, you hear, “I hope you brought me a drink.” You turn around, head back in and pour a couple of glasses of wine.

Bringing them out, you see me floating, completely naked, in the pool. You put down the glasses and slide into the warm water. Swimming over to me, you lightly kiss me.

I stand up and swim over to the glasses, taking a big sip. I turn around and point at the pool float by the pool. You grab it, bring it over and I get on.

I scoot way to the bottom, with my butt on the edge. “I’m ready for my closeup…or maybe just a trailer of coming attractions.”

“I see what you did there,” you laugh.

“Get busy.”

You slide in and start licking.

4 thoughts on “C is for Coming Attractions”

  1. Snake did not immediately realize that he needed to bring drinks with him, so he had to return. Perhaps at this moment, he was not thinking about drinks at all.

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