G is for Game of Chance

I shuffle the deck of cards. “Care to play a game?”

You eye the deck. “New deck of cards?”

“No. Just not the usual deck. Do you want to play a game?”

“What are the rules?”

“Who said there are any rules? Or at least any rules that give you an advantage?”

You shake your head. “Sure, I’m game. How do we play?”

I spread the deck out on the deck with the cards face down. “Pick a card.”

You pick one and I turn it over. It shows the Wheel of Fortune. “Oh, that’s a fun one.”


“Remember that old wheel of activities that is on our journal?”

“Yes….” you said with a bit of hestitation.

“You can spin it 4 times for our activities for the evening.”

You pull up the wheel and spin it. The first one is Standing Ruined O. “Spin again.”

You get Edge 3 times and spin again. “Oh! A bonus. After you edge, of course.”


“If you want to keep playing.” I know how much you hate being on display, but you edge yourself 3 times and then spin again. Snake ruined O every hour for 4 hours.

“Wow! That’s 5 ruined. Keep spinning.” Story for Steeled Snake site within 3 days. “Well, that gives you something to do while in recovery mode from the ruined O’s. Spin once more.”

O’s for Charmer by Snake is the final spin. “Perfect. I predict a very fun, and frustrating, evening.

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