N is for No Way

I actually wasn’t going to write for this prompt–I felt like I really didn’t have much to say because tickling is not part of our play or even life.

I hate being tickled. I’m sure that my brother is mostly to blame. That’s what you get with an age gap of 11 years and being the product of a second marriage. He was a teenager when I was little and, of course, he tickled me. Of course, I always retaliated by calling him Georgie-porgie, which annoyed him to no end.

If You Tickle Me,I’m Not Responsible for Your In Injuries ~ Funny Quote

I just don’t like it at all.

Snake is always careful to do the right amount of pressure on foot and body massages so that he doesn’t tickle me. Which is difficult seeing as I am incredibly ticklish. Even putting his hand on my knee can make me jolt. It’s a curse.

Snake is not ticklish at all except for one tiny spot on his foot.

So, I don’t like it and Snake isn’t affected by it. Exciting?

Weirdly, I love watching and participating in good tickling. What is that? When both people are having fun and boundaries are respected. When someone says, “Stop,” stop. Yes, safewords too, but that’s more within the realm of play.

Tickling babies and kids can be so much fun. But…limits and feelings still need to be paid attention to. It’s horrible watching it go from fun to tears just because the adult thought they knew better. And what does that teach them about being able to set boundaries for their own bodies?

So, at least everyone is warned–Charmer will not be amused by tickling attempts. Blood might flow. Lol.


8 Replies to “N is for No Way”

  1. I remember as a little girl I could not bear to be tickled. I would scream and fight if anyone dared. But as an adult, I guess a little tickling became a big part of indicating levels of friskiness.

    It fascinates me that some people are super-ticklish and others not at all. I wonder what makes us that way?

  2. I am not particularly into tickling either. There might be times when it can be fun, but those are far and in between, and if anyone tickles me when the timing is not right, they might be told off in a not so kind way 😉
    ~ Marie

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