U is for Undecided

As I do when I’m looking for writing inspiration, I started looking through quotes and lyrics on Pinterest. This is after I had scrolled through the newest photos on Pexels. When I don’t have a prompt that I’m writing to, these are my usual ways to come up with ideas.

Photo by Matthias Groeneveld from Pexels.com

I saw a post about writing about 30 days of your favorite music. An online friend had been working through this list on Twitter so I thought I’d look at the question for day one.

What is your favorite song?

One? I don’t imagine that I’m that unique so how do you pick a favorite song?

Today? (Being Thursday when I’m actually writing this.) Probably Under Attack from Mamma Mia. Particularly if you add the actual show actions of the bed spinning around while she’s in it.

Why? Just too many moving parts in our life at the moment. Things are getting missed and postponed and life. Not even bad things, but feeling out of control things. And I suck at feeling out of control. [Enter Snake telling me to write a list of the things making me crazy and he’ll start working on the list while I am taking care of a couple of appointments that I have to be at on Saturday.]

I have my “feeling like a bad ass days” when I listen to P!nk. Nostalgic days when I listen to Styx or Billy Joel. Dramatic days when I tend towards Broadway shows like Wicked and Les Miserables and Chess. Days when I can’t find anything that I want to listen to for more than 30 seconds and move on to something different only to have to change again.

I can’t even pick a favorite genre much less a favorite song.

Three things that I do know:

  • I can’t listen to music if I have to concentrate because I have to sing. And then I totally forget what I’m doing.
  • Series and movies that have awesome playlists (like Umbrella Academy and Supernatural) quickly are added to my Spotify account.
  • When The Time Warp comes on, dancing must start. It’s just a rule.

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