G is for (Do You Want to Play a) Game?

I happened to see this writing prompt and I found it fascinating.

You are playing a dangerous game without so much as a glimpse into the rule  book.” | Writing dialogue prompts, Writing inspiration prompts, Writing  promps

Life is a dangerous game without a rule book. In fact, there aren’t even any previous experiences that you can draw on in order to start it.

And I guess, there are positives and negatives to this.

The biggest negative is that there are no actual rules to give you direction. I’m not talking laws and morals, but more what where you should go. This can be anything from career and lovers to where to live. It’s all a big scary blank page that other people expect you to know how to fill with words.

You are 17 and going to college next year–what are you going to do? I’m a lot past 17 and I still don’t always know where I want to go. But, you have to have a PLAN. And that plan needs to be rational and amenable to other people or you get to hear all about why it’s the wrong plan.

Have a bad breakup and all of the people who knew you were with the wrong person come out of the woodwork. Change careers and you’ll hear about why it was never the right choice in the first place.

It feels like 2020 to me has been a giant reminder that plans are good, but they may not work. Even if you do all of the right things, at the right time with the right person. Things happen and plans will change. Sometimes even dramatically.

So, Charmer, if having no rules has negatives, what are the positives?

For me, the best part of playing this dangerous game of life with no rule book is the chance to start again each day with another blank piece of paper. Try to fill it with words that make you happy and bring some joy and love to people in your life. Try to use action words that bring some adventure into your life. And dance like no one is watching you.

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