L is for Love

Anyone who has read even a few of our posts will know that Snake is my person.

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So, if there is a post about giving thanks, it is about him. I am grateful for my family and friends and the other good things in my life. I know that I am incredibly fortunate having these people who support me and make me laugh and listen when I rant about ridiculous nonsense.

But, Snake. He has been my best friend for over 2/3 of my life. We’ve enjoyed good times together and supported each other through bad times.

He’s the person who I trust always. With my thoughts, feelings and life. He’s the person who knows something is wrong and bothering me long before I do. He’s the person who knows when to poke at those things and when to give me time to figure out my thoughts. He’s the person who listens to my rants and, mostly, knows whether to take action or just listen.

Nope. Not always. Sometimes he pushes forward instead of pulling back. We have disagreements like everyone else. We say things that hurt each other and then have to repair the damage. We have to agree to disagree on things and find a balance that works. There are times when communication is just hard and we struggle to connect.

Even in all of those times, I am thankful for him. He doesn’t leave, he doesn’t give up on me and he shows me ways to move forward. Spring of this year, for instance, when it felt like Tucson was a dystopian novel, he planned date nights where we could sit in the car at the park. And realized that the one in the Five Guy’s parking lot with no cars wasn’t a good idea when we were shooting for normalcy.

This past weekend he spent almost all of it doing jobs that we hadn’t had time to do over the past few weeks. They were mostly little things, but you know how several little things become a huge thing. Last week when they were all starting to pile up in my head, he had me write a list and prioritize it. And probably 2/3 of them got finished this weekend.

Including a second trip to the hardware store to replace the first drain thingy that he had bought on Friday and installed… Why? Because the color of the new one didn’t match the sink and everything else that we had done when we redid the bathroom a few years back. And he knew that even while I said it was fine, I really wanted it to match. See? My person knows me.

And I am so grateful that he is in my life and always my person.

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