K is for Key

The note on the table is cryptic.

Photo by Aphiwat chuangchoem from Pexels.com

You have one hour to find a note. One of these keys will open a box somewhere in the house. Move quickly and find the note or you lose the prize.

You look at the lightbulb on the table reflecting the light from above. And an assortment of old keys that don’t look like they go to anything you have ever seen in the house.

“Charmer?” you call out, hoping that I might respond, but knowing that I’m probably not in the house at all.

No answer. You are on your own and then you realize that you have a message that just appeared on your phone. A clock is counting down the minutes and seconds for an hour and a rush of adrenaline shoots through you.

Where would I hide something? You start in the kitchen since you are already there, opening drawers and cabinets and looking behind items in the pantry. Not having any idea of how big the container might be makes it even more challenging since it might be tiny and easy to miss.

Your phone vibrates and a message comes through.

Don’t leave a mess…

You look around and groan–pillows are all over the table where you tossed them to look behind. Drawers and cabinets are slightly open. You quickly put things back where they started and move on to the next room.

There are at least a hundred places where they could be hidden in the family and living rooms. Where to even start? You quickly look in the most obvious places because you know I don’t tend to put things up high where I can’t see them.

Another 15 minutes have passed and another message comes through.

Find anything yet? If you need a hint, it will cost you a future favor.

Knowing that it might be necessary but not wanting to commit to that quite yet, you quickly type back, “Not yet,” and continue looking.

Main bathroom is checked quickly as well as the guest room. On to our room. You look at the clock and realize that you are down to 20 minutes. Giving up and losing the prize is not an option. You start in our bathroom and go through all of the drawers and cabinets quickly. Your phone buzzes.

Are you sure that you don’t want a hint?

You feel yourself starting to give in, but decide that you have a little more time. You can’t cut it too close because there are at least 10 keys that are possibilities even after you find the box. Or whatever the key might fit.

You curse at all of the stuff stored under our bed. It would take way too long to get through all of that. Skipping that, you move to your dresser and closet, then on to mine. Nothing.

You are running out of time…

“Yes, I want a hint!!!” you write back furiously, hoping that you will have time to find it and choose the right key in time.

You might have noticed that I am not there, but my car is….

You bolt for the garage with the keys in your hand. Opening my car trunk, there are suitcases, but none would fit these keys. You open the doors and find a small wooden box on the passenger seat. You grab it and start going through the keys. The 6th one finally works and the lock releases. You open the box to find a note.

I’m in room 435…see you soon.

P.S. I’ll be collecting on my favor tonight….

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