A is for Anniversary Toast

She looked at the two drinks on the table while the jazz music was playing softly in the background. She knew the waiter thought she was being stood up and she smiled a knowing smile.

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The lounge was almost empty and she waited patiently. It was their anniversary and she knew he wouldn’t stand her up. The jazz club was their tradition.

The band took their break and all she could hear was some quiet conversation from the table in front of her. It was peaceful sitting there and reminiscing about their years together.

She looked at her watch. It was 7:59. Just as it turned to 8, her phone vibrated. She answered the video call. “Hi, there.”

“Hi, there yourself, beautiful. Do you have our drinks?”

She turned the phone around so he could see them on the table. “Of course. And you?”

He showed her the two on his table. They were a perfect copy of the ones sitting in front of her. “Perfect. Cheers, my love. Here’s to another 10 years.”

She watched him toast her. “Cheers. And when it’s the next 10, my flight won’t have been canceled at the last minute.”

She laughed. “Let’s hope not. But as long as we are together and continue our tradition, it’s all good. And you’ll be home tomorrow.”

“Even if I have to walk there. How was your day?” he asked as they sipped together.

“So much better now.”

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