W is for White Rabbit

The best-laid plans…

big white rabbit toy placed near entrance to shopping mall
Photo by Claudia Schmalz on Pexels.com

We were planning to do our White Rabbit routine in April and the show got moved to when we had to be out of town. So, we decided to do it for the Christmas show on December 3rd.

Until another show showed up on November 12th and 13th which made it so we could do our actual Christmas routine in December and White Rabbit in November. Perfect, excluding the 3-week timeframe between the two performances.

But, it was set and we were ready for Saturday. We had planned for the entire afternoon to be there since we were scheduled for the end of the session that ran from 12 to 2. We coordinated with our instructor to be there at 12 and got there about ten minutes late because of traffic. Still, no big deal because they hadn’t finished the session before ours. We still had over two hours.

We arrived and I went to change into my costume even though we had plenty of time. Except, we didn’t. They switched the entire schedule and now we were performing after three other solos. Luckily, Snake had worn most of his costume and I only had a skirt and belt to put on because we had about five minutes to get ready.

Usually, we get to run through at least pieces during a break so we aren’t just running in and dancing. Not this time. We went on, barely got to look at each other and the music started. I made a minor goof at the beginning because my brain wasn’t ready but after that? It was a crazy run but IMHO, I think we rocked it.

Next time, though, I think we’ll show up just a wee bit earlier…

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