H is for Hacienda

Hacienda Del Sol is a beautiful and really unique place in Tucson. The guest ranch started as a girl’s school and has had many famous Hollywood-types stay there over the years. One of the most notable pairs has a casita named after them–the Tracy-Hepburn Casita.

It is just barely in the foothills out of the city now. There is a mall about 5 minutes away and many restaurants and shops nearby.

The amazing thing about the hotel is that you feel like no one is around. The restaurant overlooks the desert as well as most of the guest rooms. It is quiet and there is wildlife that roams around at night.

So, Charmer, what memory is this? Or is this just selling Tucson?

The very first pictures that we took for the site were taken here. We ended up posting a picture taken at the house here as our very first one because we liked it better, but that one above was taken at the Hacienda Del Sol on that weekend.

It was a weekend when we had no commitments and we decided to just enjoy a night away. The best part for us is that it was in June and the rates that are astronomical in the winter are reasonable in the summer when no one wants to come.

We had had dinner at the hotel restaurant with a lot of wine and wonderful food. We had walked to the restaurant and wandered back goofy and slightly drunk. Of course, we had packed additional wine, which was in the refrigerator at the casita. Snake poured more while I took off the dress and proceeded to sit on the balcony in my lingerie.

He brought the wine out on the balcony while I was sitting there enjoying the sunset. That was when he snapped the picture. We sat there for hours talking and listening to the desert at night. It was a pretty fabulous evening.

If you ask me, and probably Snake, the Hacienda Del Sol is the hotel in town where we have some of our best memories. Although there was the place with the private outdoor hot tub. Maybe I’ll talk about that one another time this month….

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