P is for Pine

“Remember that first day of college after our parents finally left?”

Photo by Sebastian K from Pexels.com

“Yes! It felt like they were never going to go. But then they drove off and it was just us with freedom.”

“Do you remember what we did?”

“We walked down to the area between north and south campus and headed into the trees there. It was quiet and secluded and felt like we were the only people on the campus.”

“You sat down on the ground with your back against the pine tree and I put my head in your lap. It was amazing having you stroke my hair with all of the wonderful smells around.”

“We must have stayed there for two hours, talking and listening to the wind and kissing. And then, if I recall, we headed to your place for pizza and beer.”

You sigh. “It was good, but I wish my roommate hadn’t been there. We could have had even more fun.”

Laughing, I say, “Wasn’t that when we started budgeting for motel rooms on a regular basis? I think we went to just about every one in town by the end of the second year. And some of them more than a few times.”

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