Myth Busting by Charmer

There are always so many myths surrounding D/s and FLR. So many come from books, TV and movies–they get it wrong so much more often than they get it right.

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Obviously we spend the entire day, every day with him in a collar and cuffs, naked and sitting at my feet. He has no life besides serving me. And he is an inherently weak individual because he is submissive.


Snake is one of the strongest people I know. He runs a company, balancing family and outside people, long distance employees and has done it for just about as long as we’ve been married. We’ve upsized and downsized and moved the office too many times to count. And he keeps it going.

He has taken care of his parents and mine. He was there for his mother when his father couldn’t deal, he has been there for his father even when he makes it difficult, he was there when my mom was in the hospital and on a ventilator and when my dad was in hospice. He has helped with little help from his brother and he was my rock.

He takes care of the things that he knows that I hate taking care of. Appliance and house repair, making phone calls and too many little things to mention. He listens to my rants, makes sure that we always have clean clothes and gives me time to do things that make me happy.

He takes my “waves my hands around and points” ideas and makes them a reality. He draws lines on walls when he knows I can’t “see” what he is describing. He performs dance routines with me even though the performance piece is his least favorite.

Yes, he submits to me. But that takes a great deal of strength. To give up control. To trust that I am capable of guiding us. To take the burden and go beyond and excel at it.

So, yes. D/s has a dominant and a submissive. But to call the submissive weak? No–that is the stuff of fantasy.

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  1. Brilliant. You have said this so well and I love what you have written about the person he is and how you respect and admire that. 😊

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