Not Insomnia

I very very rarely have insomnia. I can probably count on my fingers the number of times that I actually can’t sleep–occasionally not stay asleep, but even that is a rarity.

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I tend to go the other direction. When I am stressed, anxious or upset, I tend to sleep too much.

The first time I really noticed my tendency for this was college. I would be ready to go to sleep by 7. Just overwhelming sleepiness. At the time, I assumed that I wasn’t eating right or just had had too many late nights.

My mom had always said that my aunt dealt with problems by going to bed. As we were only related by marriage, it certainly wasn’t a hereditary thing. And she had three daughters, was a single mother and worked full time so trying to catch up on sleep on the weekend made perfect sense to me.

Pushing it ahead to adulthood, I started seeing a pattern. It wasn’t always right in the middle of whatever was going on, sometimes yes and sometimes no, but in general I did sleep more when things weren’t happy in my life.

I always get the “how lucky you are that you can sleep,” speeches, but really it is just the opposite of insomnia. Instead of my brain constantly going and keeping me from sleep, my brain just wants sleep. All of the sleep. Which is just as detrimental to life and job as being sleep deprived.

So, yeah, while Snake is awake and thinking about all of the things, I am sleeping and hiding from all of the things. But, we get through it and eventually come out the other side and get back in sync.

3 thoughts on “Not Insomnia”

  1. sleep in cases with difficulties in life is like a protective mechanism of our body. I think that we will return to balance as soon as things get better

  2. My daughter is that way. If she could sleep for 10 hours or more she would. I don’t understand that because I am the opposite. Fascinating how the mind & body work when it comes to sleep.
    Thanks for linking up 🙂

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