Sunday Hike

The sun was out and there was nothing on the schedule for today. We decide to take a drive and then go for a short hike. Packing a picnic lunch, we head out.

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We park and grab the backpack with our lunch. There is only one other car in the parking lot so it should be a quiet, private hike.

About a mile in, we find a nice shaded area for lunch. There is a fallen tree to sit on and we eat in silence, enjoying the wind and bird sounds.

We haven’t heard anyone around so, of course, it is time to do some teasing and play. It’s me, after all. I drop the shirt that’s been around my waist and slowly start to unbutton my jeans.

You see me out of the corner of your eye and turn, doing a double take as you realize that I’m starting to strip in the middle of the forest. Grinning, you grab your phone and start to take pictures. I do a slow strip tease while you take shot after shot. When I am naked, I pick up my phone and nod to you.

You sigh, knowing resistance is futile, but being behind the camera is much more your style. You shyly start taking off your clothes as I move around you, snapping shots from different angles. I laugh as you try to move to avoid being caught.

When you are fully naked, you stand there awkwardly, both because I am looking at you and because someone could come along the path and see us pretty easily. I sit on the blanket that we spread out for the picnic and pat the space next to me. Sitting down we are far enough off the path that we are less visible to other hikers.

I push you down and get on top of you, kissing. Our tongues fight for control and then I bite down on your lip. You hiss at the pain and try to pull away a bit, but I have you pinned. I put your hands next to you, give you a look and say, “Don’t move.”

You know that tone. Closing your eyes, you relax into the sensations as I nip and suck and bite my way down your chest and stomach. You are hard and working to keep still as I start again from your ankles and leave marks all the way up your legs. By the time I am finished, you are sweating and breathing hard, trying to not move or make a noise.

I sit back to look at my canvas…and take several pictures. You open your eyes, pouting just a little. I grin and put my camera aside. I start to dress as you stare at me. “But…” you start.

I toss your pile of clothes at you. “Oh, there will be more. Later. We have a hike to finish.” You get dressed and we start to pack up. Just as we are getting back to the trail, another couple passes by.

“You have leaves in your hair,” the woman says to you as they walk by. As they walk out of sight, we burst out laughing.

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