The View From Below

The room has incredible vaulted ceilings with windows and a skylight. All of the light floods into the room and I think about how beautiful it will be at night to see the stars.

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We drop off suitcases and head off for a quick lunch and walk along the beach. We hold hands and walk along the edge of the water picking up a shell here and there.

Just before we head back to the room we rinse the sand off our feet and I notice a small liquor store on the boardwalk. We go in to find some wine to enjoy tonight after dinner and then go back to relax.

The sky is incredibly blue with the occasional fluffy cloud passing over. I lay down on the bed looking up and pull you down next to me. We watch for a bit and then I sit up and start stripping. The shirt and slightly damp jeans go into a pile, following quickly by the underwear and bra.

I see the expectation rise in your eyes and smile, shaking my head. “Massage time for me.”

Smiling, you reply, “I still get to touch.” You get up and I get on the bed, face down and naked. You sit near my feet, starting at the bottom, slowly working your way up my legs, my ass and to my back. The room is silent except for the sound of your hands on my skin and the purr that escapes my lips.

You kiss my back and I turn over slowly. You start again, feet, legs, stomach, carefully avoiding any “off-limits” areas. As you finish my shoulders, I stretch slowly and smile. You know that smile.

And as you lean down to touch, with the sky and clouds above, dinner will just have to wait….

12 thoughts on “The View From Below”

  1. I love giving massages. If caged, I find Angus pressing against his bars. And if not caged, Angus stands proudly as I give my Queen relaxation and pleasure. It usually is a precursor to some other fun because it makes her horny!

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