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Game update: Today is day 5. We did have the one tie which really surprised me. But please participate in the polls. I want to win–and landslides are always better than by a nose!

I was going through my email and thought I would share a silly but, at times, insightful piece of me. I am a Scorpio–in case you missed that from Twitter.

I tend to read my horoscope from a couple of different sources daily because it is easy now with email. I grew up with my parents (Leo mom and Gemini dad) always reading theirs and mine from the newspaper daily. It was silly but fun to see if things ever were valid. I was always told that I was definitely a Scorpio by both of them in a bit of a wondering way.

My mom was totally a Leo. She could and would talk to anyone about anything anywhere anytime and become besties. My dad was a Gemini but very outgoing. They were the perfect extrovert couple. How they possibly ended up with a completely introverted Scorpion (besides the whole sex at a particular time of the year which culminated with me in November) was a bit of a mystery to them.

So, of course, being the kid who read everything, some of what I read was astrology. The question then becomes, did I become more Scorpio-like because I read it and was told it was me? Or is it just me? I don’t know but I do know that it does seem like a good introduction to a complete stranger trying to learn a little about me. “Oh, you’re a Scorpio. Gotcha.”

Snake is a Taurus. You know, the opposite of Scorpio. All of the compatibility tables say we either are made for each other or will destroy each other. Thankfully, we appear to be the first although we do have some great disagreements–but the making up is a lot of fun.

We are known for having hypnotic eyes. Snake always comments on my eyes and that he can see all of my feels and thoughts there. They are one of his favorite things and he knows exactly what I want when I lock eyes with him. Apparently they smolder, but I’ll have to take his word for that. It’s really hard to look in the mirror and smolder at yourself.

Snake laughs at me when I read my horoscope out loud to him and argue with it. These are a sampling from yesterday….

There might also be some secrets in play today, and if there are, they will pertain to a primary partnership. You may be working on figuring them out, or you may have some juicy ones revealed to you. And you do love a good mystery!

Try not to let the Gemini energy get the best of you, or your emotions will be all over the map today too. And a key relationship may want more of you than that, than the energy you are giving to the past. It could be time to make a real transformation here.

Today’s aspect at play could encourage you to be argumentative, perhaps for the fun of it. This is not your usual style, and your partner (current or prospective) could find it very annoying. If you are planning on going out anywhere, or have an important project on hand, it might help if you could summon the spirit of cooperation rather than irritation. At least you will achieve something useful.

You mustn’t expect to do whatever you like today, Scorpio. Quite the contrary! You may be restrained by technical limitations. Perhaps your financial resources will be insufficient. In other words, you won’t be able to follow your usual pattern of taking refuge on a spiritual island and quietly contemplating your inner thoughts.

Now, for the record, I am never argumentative for fun. I never hide away in my virtual spiritual island and contemplate my thoughts. I’m never annoying. And my emotions are always as steady as they come.

So, now you know a little more about Charmer….

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